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Getting On the Right Track

Getting On the Right Track

June 15, 2020

Everything our kids do is wonderful, right? As Tristan and Sterling made macaroni necklaces, we watched how fast they learn. While it may be a little too soon for us to school them about their financial future, if you have older children (even adult children), it’s never too late.

As Warner Group clients, you know we’re laser-focused on your goals. Can you say the same for your older kids? Yes, no matter your age they should have financial and retirement goals (or at least financial aspirations!) in mind too. Save early, save more and let compounding returns help, right? Check out this article to help get the younger generation in your life on the right path.

If they’re already in great shape, here’s a link to send them with four other things to put on their to-do lists they might not have thought about.

P.S. If you like the macaroni necklaces, try this cacio e pepe, or as we like to call it, adult mac & cheese.