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Go Paperless!

Most of our clients prefer to receive their statements electronically; it can make life easier and more organized. We created this page to detail a step by step process to set up the electronic delivery of your monthly statements and documents. There are three basic types of mailings you may receive from us:

  1. Monthly and Quarterly Statements

  2. Prospectus and Proxy Mailings

  3. Trade Confirmations and Tax Forms

Each category has a different procedure for selecting the electronic option.

  1. Monthly and Quarterly Statements & Trade Confirmations

In order to Go Paperless you must log into Account View. If you have not accessed Account View, please click here. Once you log into Account View, click on the 'Go Green' Meter on the home page or go to the Statements tab and click on 'Go Paperless'. You can select the documents you want to turn off paper mailings for by checking the corresponding box. Submit your changes to confirm.

  1. Prospectus and Proxy Mailings

Prospectus and Proxy mailings come directly from fund companies. The fundcompanies are required to deliver them if/when a new fund is purchased or when a proxy vote is needed. There is another website to suppress these mailings. Please click here to access this page. You will need to go through the process for each LPL account number you have. Account numbers are eight digits in length and can be obtained from your account statement or by contacting our office.